Meet the Team

Ryan "NailedUp" Walker  – Team Captain

Since Ryan was a child he can remember having a remote control in one had and a screw driver in the other, naturally when RC quad copters and wings hit the scene, he dove right in, goggles first. After realizing his potential and absolutely loving the drone racing sport, the World Drone Prix in Dubai was next. With Gabriel, by his side, they both got organized and competed as a team in Dubai. From there it is history, Ryan has devoted his time to promoting the sport and organizing events. His motto “everyone needs to chip” has lead him to be the leader of Canada’s top FPV racing team, Team Canada FPV. Working with the team as an ambassador for the sport, Ryan thrives to promote this sport and hobby in a positive light while educating and teaching new comers, young and old, how to win Pro FPV racers.

Gabriel "Gab707" Kocher – Team Co-Captain

Gabriel started racing with go-karts as a young teenager, competing in national championships and the International Rotax Max Grand Finals. Growing up, he stopped racing to study theoretical physics, which he still pursues to this day as a Ph.D. candidate in materials modelling. His curiosity for the outdoors and that third dimension expresses itself in all his hobbies: Hangliding, Kitesurfing, Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Rock climbing and mountaineering to name just a few. Come 2015, FPV drones offered him the perfect opportunity to renew his eager for racing, combined with the completely new perspective on the world that came with it. His abilities in finding the racing lines and his calm focus create a uniquely smooth flying style that sets him apart as a pilot. By mid 2016, he had already ranked top spots in numerous national and international races, notably winning the Canadian Drone Nationals at the 2016 Montreal Drone expo. 2016 also saw his first appearance on the Drone Racing League (DRL) TV show, of which he is a regular pilot in the 2017 season. When he's not racing, he's usually out in the wild creating unique videos like his one million plus views hit video on YouTube titled "Happy new year from the Gab707 family". Racing drones provide a unique opportunity for Gabriel to capture the world at a high pace with very creative camera movements. With every move Gabriel is paving the future for what a racing drone pilot is.

Eric "Armonic" Milewski – Team Pilot

Eric Milewski finally found a new dedication after building his first multi copter thanks to a friend in 2013. At first, like many, Eric thought he would be doing aerial photography, but as soon as he put a pair of FPV goggles on he knew that is what he really wanted to do. After attending his first races in 2015 Eric finally step on the podium for the first time at the Canadian Drone Nationals. Since that day, Eric has been motivated and driven to take drone racing professionally. With his new drive to compete and practice to be the best drone racer in the world, Eric is proud to be part of a team that brings together the best pilots in all of Canada.

Anthony "PewPew" Karabian – Team Pilot

Anthony always had an interest in technology. His passion for technology came from his father who’s an electrician and handyman. He grew up watching his dad build/fix all type of electronic devices and learned to do the same. Eventually he stumbled upon remote control cars as a kid and fell in love with it. As time went by, Anthony lost interest in RC cars up until a friend introduces him to a whole new world of RC which is Drone Racing. Drone Racing grew in becoming one of his passionate hobbies. He spends most his time fixing, building, and flying drones on a daily basis. Whenever the weather doesn’t permit it he flies inside simulators such as Liftoff, Drl, Velocidrone, etc which he has spent countless hours in. His talent for drone racing didn’t go unnoticed and got the opportunity to be part of a Team representing his nation in a constantly evolving sport, Drone racing. 

Liam "Lolders" Olders – Team Pilot

At a young age, Liam learned simple circuit design and soldering. This turned out to be useful when Liam started remote control cars, as crashes required fixing. He has many years of experience in both electric and gas powered cars. Liam enjoys cycling, and worked at a few local pro line bike shops and taught mountain biking at a local school. He then went on to road racing. During Canada’s long and cold winters, he is busy snowboarding and for a few years taught private lessons. Once he was old enough to afford a car, he modified it for the track and started going to track days at Calabogie Motorsports Park. After high school, he followed his passion and enrolled in the School of Photography at Algonquin College. Two years later he graduated with Adobe’s Best Portfolio Award. It wasn’t until December 2014 that he built his first DJI Hexacopter which started an addiction. He quit his job selling Volkswagens and concentrated on photography, only this time it was aerial photography. About five months into this new endeavour, Liam picked up his first ready-to-fly FPV racing drone and started hiding under the trees and getting stick time. He entered his first local race in Ottawa August 2015 and won first place. Liam makes an effort to get practice every day always learning to push the envelope. If he isn’t taking aerial photos, he is busy training, racing, rebuilding race quads, or walking his dog.

ELI "BullFPV" Abitol – Team Pilot

Eli Abitbol was always into rc starting from a very young age, his father bought Eli his first car at 7 and ever since then he was in love rc. Eli is 15 years old and been racing drones for 2 years . he first got into flying rc planes 4 years ago but then discovered a flight test video on drone racing and has been hooked on racing ever since. Eli has been playing sports starting from a young age. His parents started teaching eli to skate at age 3. He has been playing on a hockey team every year since then. Eli also learned to snowboard at age 9 and loved it until something drastic changed his life forever. On oct 10 2012 eli was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, that year was one of the worst year of his life because his whole world flipped upside down. Since then eli has since then living his life working around and with diabetes on a 24/7 clock trying to keep his blood glucose in range which is very very difficult. That has not slowed him down and wont he has struggles here and there but nothing is slowing him down. He is the second best pilot in canada, twenty fourth in USA and fifty fourth in the world, his is sponsored by detroit multirotor companies, furious fpv, xnova motors, runcam and his is so grateful to be part of this amazing team and can't wait to see what comes in the near future.

Matthew "Illmattack" Kotze – Team Pilot

Matt has always been obsessed with going fast weather mountain biking, snowboarding, or racing cars the need for speed is what drove this guy from virtually no RC experience in 2015 to being one of the top piots in Canada in 2017. After his discovery of FPV in 2016 Matt immediatly fell in love and began hosting local events through Chilliwack FPV, shortly after he teamed up with Ryan Stephan to launch the West Coast Drone Racing League which has since become a huge success. Matt's success in FPV is owed to strong drive to always improve and never give up.

Anthony "Rocket" Resurreccion – Team Pilot

After stumbling across a DRL footage (Level 1 Miami Lights), Anthony immediately got hooked and went online and bought his very first FPV drone racer (Eachine Wizard 250 bind and fly). Having absolutely no RC background and experience, his first few flight attempts were a complete disaster. With a box full of broken electromechanical parts, what would discourage most people, only got the tinkerer in him more excited. Here was a hobby that combined all of his interests in one; racing, electronics, flying, and adrenaline. He would spend about 8 hours a day on the sim learning how to perform basic flight maneuvers and burn hundreds of battery packs every week at the local RC field. Fast forward 2018, Anthony ended up qualifying and competing at the Canadian Nationals in Ottawa, where Team Canada FPV saw his potential as a pilot and invited him to join the team.