How to Join?

Members of Team Canada FPV are qualified yearly after Canadian National Drone Racing Championships. Top ranking pilots in national leagues will be invited to join Team Canada FPV, provided that that they are either a resident or citizen of Canada. Pilots will first be on a 6 month trial period where criteria such as pilot behaviour, race results, consistency, videos and online presence will be observed to become a regular team member. The team size varies from year to year depending on funding.


How do you join?
Team canada fpv will be renewing the pilot roster for 2019 at the Canadian multigp National Championships Sept. 29-30 2018. Anyone in the top 3 spots will automatically be invited. If Team Canada clinches all 3 spots, we will scout and invite pilots with outstanding performance/potential. We hope to see you there!
How does the team work internally?
The team comprises a board of directors and a pilot pool. Pilot performance along the season and during the nationals defines priorities among the pilots, those work out in terms of sponsored gear and travel allocations. Team pilots have a guaranteed amount of gear from our sponsors and a minimum travel allocation.