We’ve Got New Members!!!! Bring It On 2018

Having one of the best recognized pilots in the world on your team isn’t too shabby, but our team isn’t just made up of one good pilot, but many. In addition to our already fierce team, we have added four new members and after 3 months of proving themselves we can not wait to crush the competition in 2018.

First Anthony Karabian, aka Pew Pew has been the top of the famous Drone Racing League simulator competition where pilots compete for a spot on the actual DRL show and has ranked in the top three of every race he participated in for the team.

Second, Eli Abitbol, aka Bull FPV our youngest member at just 15 years young. His parents took him out of professional hockey to be in drone racing. Since making that decision, him and his family have been a solid support for our team.

Thirdly, Matthew Kotze aka Illmattak, who on the west coast of Canada is known for coming first in literally every local drone race.

Fourthly, Liam Olders aka LOlders, who since joining the team ranked highest at this year’s Mega Drone X race.

New Members means new commitments and added talents. After ranking first at the Mega Drone X Team Race, 2017’s most competitive team race, Team Canada FPV is proving to be greater and stronger than ever.

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