Two Of Our Pilots Developed The Best Drone At CES This Year

What a year 2017 is started out to be for our pilots. Gab 707 hitting more than a million views on his latest video and now, Uvify’s Draco racing drone developed by three of our pilots winning Best Drone 2017 by Endgadget at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year.

Endgaget hosted their fourth annual best of CES show this year selecting the best consumer electronics of the entire show. Being most peoples go to website for all technology based news, this prestigious award means a lot for many of the companies attending.  

Andrew Meyer, the engineer, Paul Baur the originator, and Eric Milewski the technical expert make up the winning developing team for Uvify’s Draco and just so happen to also make up 50% of Team Canada.

The Draco won best drone because it is fast, without being too hard to repair, has great quality video feed, without compromising agility, and is incorporated with assisted flight modules for learning.

We could not be prouder of our team really making their mark in the drone industry this year and ensuring our place in the history of this great technology.

For an amazing article and video about the Draco written by Digital Trends click here: