Team Canada at ASL: 2nd Place

These boys killed it! So proud of you guys! Sent out some of the Team Canada FPV guys to Aerial Sports League in Sacramento California.

NailedUp, PewPew and Lolders all went down to California to represent.. could not have been more proud!  They ended up walking away with the 3rd place trophy.. unknowingly, placed 2nd in reality! They would've walked out of there with all smiles no matter what the outcome. The optimism these guys have is amazing.

So we found out about a week after the races, that someone miscounted one of the opponents laps.. putting us in 2nd place! It was great because we got to celebrate all over again! They brought us the trophy during the team race at MultiGP IO 2018, during the team race. Needless to say it was perfect motivation! They took 1st place that day, it was an overwhelmingly exciting day!


If you wanna see the boys putting in their laps, check out the YouTube video. These guys are rockets!