ReelSteady The Company Responsible For Producing The Software That Gives Us the Smoothest Drone Footage Ever Now Sponsors Team Canada FPV

Some of you may have heard of Reel Steady, software that allows video editors to have the most stable footage ever, but if you haven’t yet we definitely want you to now. Reel Steady is now sponsoring our team so we can show you the best and smoothest footage from around the world!

If you have about a minute click on this YouTube link of our pilot Gab707 flying with his drone on the Swiss Alps with and without Reel Steady. What you will see is incredibly stable drone footage using the professional video stabilization for After Effects that is, ReelSteady.

Prior to Reel Steady being on the market our boys were stuck using really complicated and usually inefficient editing tools, making for really shaky and unprofessional looks. Thanks to Reel Steady we can now get better quality footage from our drones to please your eyes.

A major Thank You to Reel Steady on behalf of the whole team and our fans!

Check out the Reel Steady web site for more about this of the charts software: