One Of Our Pilots Just Hit More Than 1 Million Views On YouTube

When we saw our very own drone racing pilot Gab707’s new video at the top of’s home page for more than 13 hours we knew he was going to hit it big, but we didn’t expect him hitting more than a million views, and then getting retweeted by YouTube themselves, WHAT?

Team Canada FPV could not be prouder to have Gabriel Kocher, Gab707, as part of our roster. It is with great pleasure that we support this pilot and with great pride that we would like to share his epic video with you all.

When Gabriel left home to Switzerland this holiday season he never imagined that his video footage of the peak of a Swiss Alp would catapult into the biggest video of 2017 so far.

Thank you Gab for bringing the beauty of FPV to the world and making everyone experience the truly never before seen view that a drone can bring to our eyes.

This video is going down in history and whether or not you believe it, FPV technology is here to stay.

Check out Gab’s amazing video here: //