Manager Jason Mainella Was Just Selected As 1 of 10 Canadians With Unique Jobs!

It’s not every day that you get a call from people saying they are working for Tim Hortons, literally Canada’s biggest coffee company, like Starbucks but Canadian. Anyway that happened to our team manager Jason Mainella at the end of December.

Tim Hortons coffee shops have created a television network called Tim’s TV that pays in every single Tim Horton’s in Canada. The show they are working on at the moment, 10 Canadians with unique jobs. We couldn’t be prouder to have the team featured and our manager selected out of 37 million Canadians!

So who are among the other 10? Well a wing suit guy and a tree climber to name a few. But check out the show soon at a Timmy’s near year! We would love to know what you think!

In the mean time, watch this bad ass video from the day Jason and the team shot for the show at an Abandoned Canadian Bando by clicking here.