Huge Success At The Canadian Drone Nationals, Top 3 Spots Taken By Our Pilots!

Now is it so hard to believe that our pilots ended in the top three racing spots for this weekends Canadian Drone Nationals in Ottawa? Of course not :D This weekend the top pilots in Canada competed for bragging rights, slots on Team Canada FPV, and a great prize. Congratulations to Team Canada pilots for snatching the top 4 spots!!!


As one of the main sponsors for the event, we were really proud to see all of the pilots excited for the opportunity to join Canada’s most elite drone racing team. Of course, we want to give a huge shout out to all of the pilots who participated and kept us on our toes!


We would like to take the time to congratulate Bull FPV, Armonic, and Gab707 for taking the top three spots. Bull is only 15 and is won second place, right after Gab707. We are stoked to see him grown and develop with our team. Also a special mention about our newest member Liam Olders, who crushed the competition and won the IDRA Challengers Cup!


We all know that this weekend our Team would welcome three new members, and welcome we have!!! A Huge congratulations to Pew Pew, iccmattak, and BullFPV for making it on to the team. Your passion, skill, dedication, and motivation to expand the sport makes us proud to offer you these spots on our team. 

All in all, this was a pretty emotional weekend for the Team, lots of great additions and new adventures to come. Continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, to keep up with what we've got planned for 2018 :) 

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