Flynoceros Racing Frames And Team Canada FPV Team Up For A New Sponsorship

As Team Canada proves our worth and value in the international community, we are also expanding our sponsors and the amazing companies we get to support and work with. Our latest collaboration with Flynoceros comes as no surprise I am sure… have you heard their motto Flyno…Race Yes!


Josh Ingram owner of Flynoceros met with the Team earlier this year and really connected with our passion, genuine love for the sport, and of course our determination to be the best racing team in the world.

Flynoceros has been prototyping, producing, and creating frames since 2014. With his background and education from top schools like MIT and Harvard, we are more than confident that this new partnership will take our team to new heights.

Team Canada FPV and Flynoceros, in association with our partners cannot wait to bring you an amazing 2018 season of racing!

Thank you again to Josh, his crew, and all of Flyno for believing in our Team and the future of this great sport. Check out the Flynoceros webpage for more about who they are and what they do.