DRL Pilot: Gab 707

I just want to take a moment to congratulate Team Canada FPV pilot, and my friend Gabriel Kocher a.k.a Gab707. This guy has come so far it's crazy, I remember this guy back in the day killing it with a towel over his head so he could see his FPV screen!

This will be Gab's 3rd year on DRL.. so cool! So proud of your bro. I can't wait to watch it on TV with the Team Canada FPV guys. This sport has come so far, I'm really happy to see Gab on top of his came, and pushing his own limits.


I am feeling really confident in Gabs ability to take home the gold this season! But its racing, anything can happen! Either way, I'm proud of you Gab, you deserve everything you get, keep killing it buddy.

If you wanna check out Gab on DRL, you can watch the previous seasons on ITunes. Drone Racing League Season 3 will be released on September 6th!