At The Most Competitive Team Race Of 2017, We Won 1st Place

For its second year, Mega Drone X or MDX, was held in the famous limestone caverns in Louisville, Kentucky. The opportunity to fly inside an actual cave and race against the best pilots was too hard to miss. Not only was Team Canada FPV there, despite an unfair disadvantage, we still took 1st place!

So what do I mean by unfair disadvantage? Well, all other 8 teams were provided walkie-talkies to communicate between members during the race. Only Team Canada did not have any walkie-talkies. This made it difficult to know when one of our quads landed safely, but our sign language and arms flares worked just fine ;)

MDX is one of the most prestigious team races out there, really bringing the best of the best together to proved which team is the fastest. We want to personally thank the organizers, staff, and everyone who competed for such an amazing experience.

Having all but one of our new members join as well, this race was really one for the books! A huge thank you to all our sponsors for believing in us and supporting our journey!!!

Check out more from MDX and our team by watching our video on YouTube here.